How cookies work

Please read this cookies policy carefully before using the Site, so as to understand how your personal information is handled and how cookies work.

Collection and use of information
To improve this Site in terms of performance and ease of use, we collect and keep information regarding your IP address, browser type, selected language, operating system, Internet service provider (ISP) and the date/time.

This information is used to improve how the Site is managed, analyze market trends and collect demographic information about our users. For this purpose, the Site, messages sent via e-mail, online services and interactive applications may use “cookies”.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file that a website sends to the user’s browser. The browser saves information and sends it back to the website’s server when the browser accesses the website again. A cookie usually contains the Internet domain name (the IP address of the site) where the cookie comes from, the “duration” of the cookie (that is, when it expires) and a numerical code, which is usually a randomly generated unique number.
The Site uses session cookies. These are temporary cookies that remain in the relative cookie folder of the user’s browser until the session is complete. They are deleted when the browser is closed.

The use of session cookies is strictly limited to sending session identifiers, which are composed of numbers randomly generated by the server. This is necessary for the secure and efficient navigation of the website. More specifically, session cookies are used for the following purposes:
i. to allow the user to send information via the Site and to prevent the user from having to insert the same information more than once;
ii. to compile anonymous statistics that allow us to better understand how users utilize the Site and to improve its structure. Users can accept or refuse the use of cookies by changing their browser settings.
Session cookies are used on the Site to avoid other technologies that may breach a user’s privacy. Additionally, they do not allow the acquisition of a user's personal data.

The Site also uses tracking cookies, which collect personal information and keep track of how the Site is used so that Astore may enable more advanced functionality and provide service that better responds to the needs of the user. Other types of cookies or similar technologies may be used from time to time to allow use of the Site or a specific functionality. The use of these cookies and the subsequent handling of personal information is optional. Not allowing us to access this information may mean that you will be unable to use the more advanced service modes on our Site.

Users may accept or refuse the use of cookies at any time by changing their browser settings. If cookies are disabled it will not be possible to use all the services and functionalities available on the Site. Users may easily delete each cookie installed in the cookie folder by following the relevant procedure in the browser. Remember that some features and functionalities may not be available once cookies have been disabled.